PCJ-600 blue
The PCJ-600 in Power Fight Adventures.
Vehicle type Civilian motorcycle
Body style Sports bike
Capacity 2 (rider and passenger)
Appearance(s) Power Fight Adventures
Power Fight EX

The PCJ-600 is a sports bike which appears in Power Fight Adventures and Power Fight EX games. It is the speedest bike.


Power Fight AdventuresEdit

In Power Fight Adventures, PCJ-600's height is little bit more which keeps the heroes more comfortable while driving. There is even an automatic button to cover the bike. The helmets are required while driving in this series as per mainly for safety.

Power Fight EX seriesEdit

PCJ-600 closely came to EX series, where the bike can be drived in normal mode. PCJ-600 improves the speed to go faster. In this series, even Helmets are required as per mainly for safety. PCJ-600 can perform a slide-like drive in this series.

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